Body Composition Testing

Body Composition Scale

Ever had your body composition tested? Want to know how many calories you are using each day to maintain your current weight? How about knowing exactly how much of your body is fat?

At Spring Medical Clinic, we want you to have access to the latest technology in weight loss, so we have a current state of the art body composition measurement machine that gives you a five-page print out in six seconds detailing this and much more. No more under water dunk tanks- no more awkward embarrassing and erroneous caliper "pinch" testing. This new body composition testing equipment replaces the much older "dunk tank" water immersion process and is extremely accurate. It is very much more accurate than the "pinch" body caliper testing too.

We measure your body composition electronically right in our clinic - any day you want without an appointment. You do NOT need to be a weight-loss patient to get this measurement done on yourself. The body composition scale is ideal for athletes, body builders, overweight and obese people starting a weight loss program or wanting to accurately maintain weight loss- it's great for anyone who is interested in their over all body composition and knowing how much fat they have and where it is exactly.

Body Composition Testing Detail: